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Product  Name PQS Car Elevator
Product  Classification Car Parking Systems-PQS
Product  Model NO
Production Information

PQS Car Elevator

PQS Car Elevator is the important device for the car parking, used for elevating of the cars, takes place of the channel for entering and getting out of the garage and each layers in the garage. It can save lots of space and the loading capacity and operation mode can be decided according to needs. It can be electrically driven or hydraulically driven. It also adopts advanced AC VVVF (variable voltage variable frequency) control. According to the site situation, the machine room can be located at the top or side or bottom.

It is specially used as the elevator for car transformation in different layers. This system can only lift the car to target level. First the elevator will lift or descend to the passageway of the ground floor then the car will be driven to the platform of the elevator, after lifting or descending, the car will be sent to the passageway of the target layer, at last, the driver could drive away the car.

 The ramp can be omitted, improves garage utilization rate and fully utilize the space

Main Technology Parameters

Type  and  Name

PQS Car Elevator

Specifications for the car


Weight for the car Kg


Elevating height m



2~5 (decided as per the site situation)

Transmission mode

Electric or Hydraulic

Driving mode


Control mode

Computer (PLC) automatic control and manual control

Operation mode

Button, touch screen or IC card

Elevating speed m/min


Standard configurations

Red and green lamp       Emergency lighting

Positioning sensor        Interphone


The space for parking two cars can hold seven cars.

It adopts rotating fore mechanism so as to minimize the vibration and noise.

Flexible operation, PLC control, key-pressing operation.

Short time of erection; easy for erection and dismantling since it adopts composite parts.

High safety, complete inspecting device and stable and reliable running.

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