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Car Parking Systems
Garage Doors Panel and Hardware
Garage Door Openers
Barriers( Boom Gate)
Sliding Gate Operators
Swing Gate Operators
Rolling Door Openers
Industrial Door Operators
Accessories for Gate and Doors
DC Power Supply
Watt-hour Meters
Prefabricated Substation
Electric Power Equipment
PV Combiner Box
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 ※  Request for Quotation(parking system)  Table (Word) 1465 Download
 ※  Barrier catalogue  Brochure(PDF) 1543 Download
 ※  Request for Quotation(garage door)  Brochure(PDF) 1814 Download
 ※  Request for Quotation(transformer)  Table (Word) 1257 Download
 ※  oil-immersed transformer  Brochure(PDF) 1306 Download
 ※  Introduction to Xuchang and Henan  Brochure 1348 Download
 ※  Request for Quotation(Elevator and Escalator)  Table (Word) 1921 Download
 ※  Dry-type Transformer  Brochure(PDF) 1318 Download
 ※  XJ Meters  Brochure(PDF) 2447 Download
 ※  Garage Door and Gate  Brochure(PDF) 8041 Download
 ※  XJ Intelligent Parking System  Brochure(PDF) 1325 Download
 ※  XJ Parking System  Brochure(PDF) 1984 Download
 ※  XJ Group Corporation  Brochure(PDF) 3218 Download
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