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Product  Name CKM-200Pinch Resistant Garage Door Panel (suitable for European Markets) CKM-200
Product  Classification Garage Doors Panel and Hardware-CMK200 Pinch Resistant Garage Door Panel
Product  Model CKM-200
Production Information

Perfect Design in Details:

● Exquisite appearance: wooden grain and square embossment design. It has more durability than that with traditional smooth design. The special grain treatment can avoid dust accumulation in maximum level. Even through long-time sunshine and rain, it looks still very new.

● Dual-layer heat-keeping panel: The dual-layer heat-keeping panel is made of quality color spraying polyester steel sheet, among which is evenly filled with hard polyurethane foam, strong and durable, with good performance of heat-keeping and sound-isolation. Density is up to 40kg/m3.

● Heat consumption coefficient for the installed door: k=1.6w/m2k

● Heat consumption coefficient of 40mm panel sheet: k=1.0w/m2k

Perfect Seal:

● The sealed bottom of the door can prevent rain and dust effectively.



High quality metal component:

● Every metal component of XJ Superlift garage door has been carefully manufactured by us. Even in the worst circumstance, the working life has no changes due to the high quality components.

● The best spring balance system can keep door in balance state and operating smoothly.

With XJ Superlift garage door, you will enjoy convenience, safety, comfort

Main Features of the door

1) Durable

Please find the following details on our panels:

a. The panel: The panel is made up of high quality polyester resin double steel sheet, filled with polyurethane rigid foam. The weight of the polyurethane rigid foam is 2.2 ~2.5kg/m2. The weight of the panel is 8.5 9.5kg/m2

b. Thickness of the panel: 40mm, thickness of the steel sheet: 0.4mmHeight of the rectangle: 435mm 485mm 535mm

c. Space between the rectangles: 150mm (Standard) or 120mm. We can make different spaces according to your specification but the space should be greater than 90mm at least. The margin of the panel should be greater than 50mm at least. Rectangle dimensions: 500 mm (width)*350 mm (height)

d. Width of the panel: the most width of the panel should be less than 6500mm at least. When it is wider than 4850mm, reinforcing steel strut is needed

Door dimension:
Door panel thickness standard: 40mm, 50mm
The widest door panel can be 6500mm
The height of single panel is between 440-560mm and we can combine the different height according to your door dimension
When the door width is over 4850mm, it should be configured with external struts to ensure the enough intensity of the door.

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