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Product  Name Smart Meters
Product  Classification Watt-hour Meters-Smart Meter
Product  Model
Production Information

Smart Meters

1. Certifications

 The Member of STS association and STS certificate

  The Member of DLMS User association and DLMS certificate for single & three phase smart meter

The certificate of KEMA for Single phase smart meter and Three phase smart meter

  The certificate of KEMA for Single phase prepayment meter (keypad) and UC2, Three phase prepayment meter (keypad)

The certificate of KEMA for Single and Three phase prepayment meter (IC card)

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

  ISO 140001 Environmental Management System Certification

  OHSMS Certification

  Harbin Research Institute of Electrical Instruments (HBS) Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

  National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Electrical Measuring Instruments (SICEM)

2. Industrial Advantages

  HBS is Secretariat of IEC/TC85 (Measuring Equipment for Electrical and Electromagnetic Quantities)

  HBS is National Standards Committee for Meter standard in China

  XJ Metering Company is one of drafter of the Smart Meter Standard of State Grid of China

  Experience of Smart Meter Standard and AMR/AMI Standard cooperation with oversea Utility such as Vietnam EVN, South Africa ESKOM

  Unique Meter Making Brunch of State Grid, market share up to 10% in China


3.Main Products:

Total Solution is provided,covering the following:

3.1 System Solution

AMI Solution

Automatic Meter Reading system (AMR)

Smart vending system

CMS Commercial Management System

SBH Smart Business Hall

3.2 Smart Terminals

Smart collector

Smart data concentrator

Smart load control terminal

Smart PT monitor terminal

IHD in home display

3.3 Smart Electricity Meter

Smart basic electricity meter

Smart Electricity Meter with Communication Module

Smart Three Phase Multifunction Meter

Smart AMI electricity Meter

CPU Card Prepayment Electricity Meter

Keypad Prepayment Electricity Meter

4.Why XJ Metering

Focusing on:

     Energy measurement and management

Experience :

     18 years experience in AMR/AMI Design & MFG

     20 M smart meters shipment


     Passionate, Innovative, International

     Loyal and experienced R&D team 


     Flexible & customized solutions

     Support your business growth


     16 Millions meters capacity per year

     World class manufacturing and Lab facilities

     Advanced quality management system



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