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Product  Name Cast Resin Transfromer
Product  Classification Electric Power Equipment-Dry-type Transformer
Product  Model
Production Information

XJ Transformer Co., Ltd.

Professional Transformer Manufacturer

ISO9001:2000,ISO9002, ISO14001:2004 and CESI Certified Enterprise

 One of the largest dry-type transformer manufacturers in the world

 European technology from HTT Hochspannungstechnik Und Transformatorbau GmbH, Germany

The transformer has passed Environment, Climate and Burning Tests in the Standard IEC60076-11:2004 in 2006

SCB10-1600/10 transformer has passed Italian CESI test in 2001

Main technical specifications of the dry-type cast resin transformer

1)      Voltage: up to 35 kV (Rated voltage: 6kV,10kV and 35kV)

2)      Rated Capacity:30-20000kVA

3)      Insulation class: class F

4)      IP Class:IP00 or IP20

5)      Indoor Use

6)      China Certificate for Energy Conservation Product and China Top Brand


Introduction of XJ Transformer Co., Ltd

1.     Brief Introduction of the Company
XJ Transformer Co., Ltd (XJTC) is a high and new technology enterprise, jointly invested by XJ Electric Corporation, China and EMO Engineering CO., Ltd, Hongkong.  XJTC’s main products are Resin Casting Dry-Type Power Transformers, Oil Immersed transformers, Hollow & Iron Core Reactors and Packaged Substations.
XJ Transformer Co., Ltd is located at Xuchang High Technology Industrial Zone, occupying an area of 66,000 square meters.  XJTC has modernized workshops and many advanced equipment.  Some 300 talents are working in our company.

2.     Main Resources of Technology
XJTC uses the technologies imported from HTT , Germany to produce its dry type transformers.  In accordance with different rated power, the HV and LV coils are with round & rectangle copper foils, reinforced with glass fiber and filled with resin.  It is of thin insulation structure.  HTT Co. has passed the KEMA approval in 1993 for its transformers.
3.     Production Equipment
Presently, XJTC boasts the most advanced production equipment for dry-type transformers in the world:  Automatic Installation for Cutting is purchased from Soenen Co., Belgium, Vacuum Casting Equipment is introduced from Hedrich CO., Germany, HV Foil Winding Machine and Automatic Winding Machine are imported from Stollberg Co., Germany, LV Foil Winding Machine is produced by L. A. E Co., Italy.  The Partial Discharging Test Instrument is imported from Heafely Co., Switzerland.  These advanced equipment are used to assure XJTC to produce high quality’s transformers.

4.     Construction Features:
Please refer to the brochure of XJTC.
5.     Main Resources of Materials
5.1 Silicon steel:  High quality low loss grain-oriented cold rolled silicon steel 30ZH120, 27ZH110 & 30Z130 from Japan.
5.2 Epoxy Resin:  Imported from Ciba-Geigy, Switzerland.  Its service life after cast is 30 years.
5.3 HV copper foils:  E-Cu58 of Langenberg, Germany, featuring round edges so that its has minimum partial discharge.
5.4 Glass-Fiber Resin Grid:  Germany, featuring high insulation.
5.5 Glass-fiber:  Introduced from Germany, featuring high mechanical strength.
6.     Scope of Products
XJ Transformer Co., Ltd produces the following products:  10KV, 35KV 16,000KVA or below three-phase non excitation voltage regulating, loaded voltage regulating power transformers, single-phase, rectifying, isolating, furnace and grounding transformers & cast hollow reactors and packaged substations.
7.     Warrantee
We strictly assure our products’ quality.  Quality warrantee period of our products is 20 years.

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