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Product  Name PV Inverter
Product  Classification Electric Power Equipment-PV Grid-Connected Inverter
Product  Model
Production Information

50kW~500KW  PV Grid-Connected Inverter

1. Professional design

(1) Modular design

 facilitate test, installation and maintenance

 Adopt low leakage inductance and multi-layer busbar

 Use metal film capacitor with long life span

 Use integrated electric current transducer and temperature detection unit

 Possess reliable interface driven by optical signal

(2) Grid-friendly design

 Use negative-sequence unbalance control algorithm, possess LVRT capacity

meeting technical norms proposed by SGCC

 Adopt power limitation control strategy and have function to modulate active and

reactive power, which meet requirements on PV station’s power dispatch

 Have function of overvoltage operation, applicable to PV stations with severe grid voltage fluctuation

 Support pure reactive power operation to raise power factor of PV station at night

 Support communication protocol IEC61850 to meet requirements on smart grid


(3) High-altitudes design

 Inverted U-shape air duct make it suitable for heavy sand environment

 Equipped heaters and low-temperature-resistant components make it suitable for

low temperature environment

 Independent duct and design of ample amount of thermal power make it able to

cope with heat dissipation declination at high attitudes

 Clearance of insulation and design of ample creepage distance margin make it

able to cope with insulation declination at high altitudes

(4) Safety design

 V5 level flame-retardant wire

 SPD protection

 Professional EMC

 Wide range of input voltage and output voltage

 conformal coating cabinet


2. Functions and Characteristics:

 dual DSP are beneficial for powerful and fast processing;

 Superior protection functions: over/under voltage protection, over/under frequency

protection, over current protection, over load protection, anti-reverse-discharging

protection and anti-islanding protection;

 Continuous modulation on active power and reactive power;

 Being able to monitor square matrix insulation resistance;

 Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT);

 Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT);

 Wide range of DC input voltage;

 Adopt RS485 or Ethernet as communication interface; support communication

protocol IEC 61850;

 Adaptable at high altitudes no higher than 6000m (derated above 3000m);

 Adaptable in harsh environment of -25,with optional auxiliary heater;

 Modular structure: except the dominant power module, drive and control hardware

also adopt modular design which facilitates convenient installation and maintenance;

 Metal film capacitor prolongs life span of the system to 30 years;

 Max. transfer efficiency (with transformer) is up to 96.3%, compared with Euro.

transfer efficiency 95.3%.

3. Quality Assurance

 Quality culture: Zero Defect

 Integrated management system: Quality, Environment and OHSMS

 Quality management concept: ensure reliable and perfect products with advanced

automatic test devices

 Certificate for GBL200-500/270-HE:


 ISO 9001


 CE          For more details, please contact us.

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