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Product  Name HV Indoor &Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Product  Classification Electric Power Equipment-HV Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Product  Model
Production Information
1.ZW20A-12 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker (hereinafter called Circuit breaker for short) is an outdoor high voltage switch equipment with rated voltage 12kv and three phase alternating current 50HZ. The main function of it is for breaking or making the load current, overload current and short circuit current in electric system.
The breaker is suitable for the protection and control in the substation, industrial and mining enterprises and cities, rural area especially suitable for frequent operation sites and city power distribution automation network.
2.VS1(ZN63A)-12 Indoor HV Vacuum Circuit Breaker( hereinafter referred to as “ Circuit Breaker”) is used as the protection and control unit to control the cables, overhead line, distribution station, motor, transformer and capacitor in the 12KV distribution system for the power grid and industrial and mine enterprises. The Circuit Breaker is mainly used to close and open the short-circuit current and switch the load (such as load or no-load overhead line, cables, transformer, generator, motor, harmonic control system and even shunt capacitors).
Under frequent operation condition or the condition of breaking the short-circuit current, the Circuit Breaker has good performance and completely meet the automatic reclosing requirements and has exceptionally high operating reliability and long life.
The Circuit Breaker can be fixed in the switchgear or installed on the truck for racking it into and out of the switchgear.
3.VGK series Indoor HV Vacuum Circuit Breaker is a new generation product developed on the basis of XJ’s many years of development and engineering experience in the field of MV switch and of customers’ and specialist’s valuable opinion on the MV switch at home and abroad.
The operating mechanism of the circuit breaker includes permanent magnet operating mechanism (M series) and spring operating mechanism (T series). The pole consists of assembly pole and embedded pole for insulation.
High Reliability
◆  high-reliable operating mechanism
The life of the permanent magnet operating mechanism (M series) reaches 1000000 times. The life of module spring operating mechanism (T series) is 30000 times for 12kV breaker, 30000 times for 24kV breaker and 20000 times for 40.5kV breaker.
◆  maintenance- free fixed pole
The mechanical life of the fixed pole is 30000 times for 12kV breaker, 30000 times for 24kV breaker and 20000 times for 40.5kV breaker and it is maintenance-free in the service life.
◆  Smart on-line monitoring function
The on-line monitoring device for vacuum shall monitor the vacuum in the vacuum arc-quenching chamber constantly so that specific maintenance may be made timely. Moreover, the equipment may operate in safety mode.
Complete type test
The VGK series products have passed the type tests completely.
◆  Advanced inspection equipment
Before the VGK series breakers are shipped from the factory, they are tested completely through the testing system for breaker mechanical characteristic and each breaker is made complete analysis on the mechanical characteristic curve by the analyzing software.
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