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Product  Name AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear
Product  Classification Switchgears-KYN-61 AC Switchgear
Product  Model KYN-61
Production Information

KYN-61 AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is used for three-phase AC 50Hz and 40.5kV single busbar and single busbar sectional system. It is mainly used for control, protection and monitoring in different fields, such as for power transmission and distribution in power plants, electric power substations, industrial and mining enterprises and high buildings. It meets the requirements specified in standards IEC60298, GB3906 and DL404. It has complete "five-prevention" function.

Product features

1.Heat-shrinkable insulation or epoxy coat is used as insulation to optimize shape of the electrode. The cabinet body is compact with less floor area;

2.The switchgear uses imported hot-dip Al-Zn plates processed and formed by CNC machining tool. The plates are connected together by high strength bolt nut and rivet nuts. General structural parts apply spraying plastics or galvanization technology.

3.It can be equipped with home-made VEM-40.5A (B) and ZN85-40.5 vacuum circuit breakers, or VD4-40.5 or HD4-40.5 vacuum circuit breakers manufactured by ABB, SF1 and SF2 sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers manufactured by Schneider and FP series sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers manufactured by Alstom, meeting  needs of different users;

4.All functional cubicles are separated by metal separated plates and fitted with independent pressure release channel.

5.Roll ball lead screw propulsion mechanism is used to make easy movement of the truck.

6.Circuit breaker and grounding switch can be operated when the switchgear is closed, i.e., the switchgear doors are closed;

7. Switchgear structure has strong adaptability. Number of main wiring schemes can reach above 250 (see Appendix A for details), meeting needs of different users;

8. Mechanical interlocking mechanism for avoidance of misoperation is fitted between the truck, the circuit breaker, the grounding switch and the cabinet rear. Five-prevent functions are complete. They can provide safe and reliable operation;

9. Easy operation and maintenance. Only with this Manual, users may master the operation methods and understand important instructions without special training.

For more details,pls contact us.


Ordering Info

The following materials shall be provided when orders are placed:

1.Main wiring scheme No., and systematic single line diagram, arrangement diagram and layout;

2.The user shall provide the secondary function diagram and terminal arrangement diagram. If there is no terminal arrangement diagram, it shall be prepared by the manufacturer;

3.Summary of model, specifications and quantity of internal elements and electrical equipment in the switchgear;

4.The span and height shall be provided if busbar bridges are required (busbar bridge between two rows of cabinet and between wall and cabinet);

5. Use of switchgear in special service conditions shall be stated when the order is placed;

6.The type and quantity of other accessories needed or accessories beyond the accessory supply scope shall be provided.


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